Executive Coaching

Individually tailored, one-on-one sessions designed to increase skills, clarity, and well-being. Most clients tend to be “high potentials” seeking to push their performance even further.

Training & Facilitation

Highly interactive, results-driven workshops. They may involve simulations, group dynamics exercises, case studies, psychological tools, 360-degree evaluations, and even expeditions in the jungle.

Personal Transformation

Sessions with individuals or couples who want to live more vibrant, joyful lives. The focus may be on current day issues or an insight-oriented exploration of the past. Mind-body techniques may be recommended.

Free Consultation

Transformational change is a real possibility. Dr. Marshall works with executives, individuals, and teams to make those changes in effective, enduring ways. Some clients hope to push their levels of performance to new heights in business or government. Others focus on personal leadership and achieving vibrant well-being. An increasing number of people have been interested in dovetailing both: achieving clarity around their sense of purpose and increasing the alignment in their work and personal lives.

Brief Resume

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